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About Miss Fashionku

Sedang cari info terbaru tentang perancang busana, kecantikan, gaya selebriti, tren, what to wear and how-to solutions? Anda berada pada tempat yang tepat.

Miss Fashionku adalah sebuah tempat di mana kalian bisa mendapatkan berbagai info seputar trend fashion dari mancanegara dan Indonesia, berbagai tips shopping dan trik fashion, dan juga daftar berbagai macam tempat shopping di Indonesia dan juga mancanegara. Pokonya tempat dimana kamu bisa tanya jawab dan upgrade your fashion knowledge

Meet the Writer - Kwok

Hi gals, my name is Kwok. Have a bachelor degree in Business Administration. After living in different countries, I've finally decided to go back to Indonesia in early 2006. My passion has always been in fashion, especially the business side of it. I am currently running fashion business as a supplier of import fashion products.

I started this blog, Miss Fashionku because I wanted to have a place where trends and fashion from the runway and on celebrities can easily be understood and translated into down to earth, street fashion. How did I come up with Miss Fashionku ? I wanted to the name of my blog to be catchy and simple.

I'm not trying to act as the miss know-it-all when it comes to fashion and beauty. I just want to share my experiences and everything I have found, seen and heard. And also show it to you the different styles and products out there so you can make it your own. Hopefully, Miss Fashionku can be an informative place for you all...

Note : sorry if there's something wrong with my Indo-English grammar. Just let me know when I write something wrong in Indonesian or English, and I'll change it (^_^)"
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